Terms And Conditions

Nu Africa Duty Free reserves the right to trade, in that we select who we do business with and only once approved by the internal vetting team will a potential client become a client; this is in keeping with the terms and conditions of our operating licenses from the relevant authorities.

All quotations and invoices are generated with E&OE Errors and Omissions Excepted and the onus is on the client to raise any grievances as soon as possible with the company.


Goods are not returnable after a period of 15 working days, in good condition and a copy of the original invoice attached. Not only this but also that goods should be in an unopened state, or the state that they were shipped to the client in.


Goods are to be shipped in correlation with the size of the orders received by Nu Africa Duty Free:

  • Small Orders will be shipped within 7 working days of the purchase unless the Express Delivery Option is selected.
  • Large Orders (smaller than 2 Pallets) will be shipped within 7-10 working days dependent on size and destination.
  • Bulk Orders, Pallets, Shipping Containers and similar purchases must be ordered and purchased ex-works, CIF purchases are only processed at the discretion of management.