About Us

In Summation:

  • We sell Goods and provide Services to Diplomats, Marine Traders and the Export Markets from our South African Locations
  • We Help our Clients save Time and Money when buying from us and add value to their Lives and businesses

At Nu Africa Duty Free we provide top quality products and services to our discerning Clientele be it Diplomatic Missions within South Africa, Seafarers and Ship Chandlers, or our International Clients. Our Stock is dedicated to Goods in Transit to Foreign Countries and for consumption outside of South African Borders, with the exception of Diplomatic Goods. It’s easy, We Add Value by reducing the bureaucratic process for those buying goods from us. This is to alleviate the pain felt when trying to recover taxes and duties at Tax Refund Offices which can be both Time Consuming and Labourious. We value your time, hence we now have an Online Channel as an additional way to buy our goods and use our services for time-starved clientele.

Nu Africa Duty Free Shops is a wholly black owned South African registered private company. At Nu Africa we strive to be a market leader in the duty-free retail market, a company which provides goods and value added services to its elite clientele, by means of: providing the right product, at the right price, in an appropriate place and using the most apt channels of promotion in order to purvey quality goods and services. Nu Africa is headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa (commonly known as the Brussels of South Africa) and currently has a bonded warehouse situated in Cape Town, Western Cape and a diplomatic store in Pretoria, Gauging and we are in the process of completing our foreign based requisitions site, to aid our clients in their Business Cycle.

In our stores we provide a safe environment where our clientele are able to procure necessities and luxury goods and services, at a Duty and Tax-free rate as allowed by the Customs and Excise act. At the requisitions offices you will find exceptionally well trained and helpful staff to aid you the client in your procurement process from placing an order up until goods are ready for collection.

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